UNBROKEN BONES "Глобальный театр" CD

Image of UNBROKEN BONES "Глобальный театр" CD


After a 7" EP and three demo-tapes, UNBROKEN BONES from Izhevsk, Russia are finally ready to release a full-length album CD.

Heavily inspired by the mid-late 80s crossover thrash classic albums such as AGNOSTIC FRONT "Cause For Alarm", BROKEN BONES "F.O.A.D." and CRUMBSUCKERS "Life Of Dreams" (in other words - total Combat Core Records!), they have mixed all the very best things out from these albums together, and their debut album called "Глобальный театр" is a nice result of it.

CD contains 10 songs - this time fully in Russian, which of course makes more originality to their sound!


1 - Кибервойна
2 - Спираль молчания
3 - Банковское рабство
4 - Обман трансгуманизма
5 - Знаки и символы
6 - Под фальшивым флагом
7 - Я не Шарли
8 - В ловушке тоталитарной секты
9 - Безумный Макс
10 - Самосбывающиеся пророчества